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How long does the fragrance last in the mini diffusers?

Mini diffuser fragrance oils should last for up to six weeks before you would need to refill the diffuser.  If you store the diffuser in direct sunlight, the oil may evaporate and become fainter at a faster rate.

I'm concerned that the oil will spill out of my mini diffuser.  How can I prevent that?

There is a plastic stopper that comes with the mini diffuser.  After soaking your wooden cap in the diffuser oil, remove the wooden cap, replace the stopper, and screw the wooden cap back on.  This way the oil will not spill out in between refreshing the oil on your wooden cap.

How often do diffuser reeds need to be replaced?

Diffuser reeds will need to be replaced whenever you change your diffuser oil.  They may need to be changed before then if you no longer notice a scent from the reeds which doesn't change after flipping the reeds.

How many reeds should I add to my diffuser?

You should have 6 reeds at a minimum in your reed diffuser.  Add more reeds if you prefer a stronger scent, or if the diffuser is in a larger room.  At most, you can use 10 - 12 reeds in my reed diffuser bottles at one time.

The flame on my candle is too large.  What should I do?

Blow out your candle and trim your wick.  Candle wicks must be trimmed before every lighting, even the first one!  Make sure that you trim the wick about 1/4 inch in height.